May. 8th, 2013

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This incredible heavy but inventive album may sometimes border on the cacophonous as it blasts away the cobwebs of complacency with monumental fractured riffs, but the underlying fast changing time signatures, unrelenting metal dirge (sludge metal anybody?) and adventurous free-form jazz lines are very familiar.

Kiev’s Cthulhu Rise presumably takes the first part of its name from HP Hovercraft’s mythical metal armoured dragon slayers. If so, it explains the incredible barrage of sound, fractured guitar lines and stabbing riffs interwoven with piano and moog lines.

The opening ‘Opus 24’- an arresting mixture of mathcore with proggy jazz elements – sets the standard for the rest of an relentless album. ‘42’ is music with a 4 and half decade time span. Sometimes a piece starts with a contemporary bite and then suddenly we’re back in the early 70’s world of jazz rock. There’s even a short fusion synth solo, but for the most part all ten opuses (24- 29, but not strictly chronologically numbered) are a mish-mash of stop-start, bone crunching machine gun riffs.

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